Maltti ja Valtti

Educational games for kids by Alpakka Media

Maltti and Valtti, two cheery traffic cops, sing and play while excitedly resolving daily issues. Advice from kids is always appreciated, crucial traffic laws are made clear, and police officers also promote healthy lifestyle choices. You smile when you see these two eager guys!

Maltti ja Valtti is based on Jerry Mikkelinen's original concept and was created in collaboration with Jussi Ollila. Jerry also plays Maltti-character and Jussi plays Valtti-character.

Maltti and Valtti have become especially well-known from Yle TV2's children's program - Pikku Kakkonen. They also perform music and live shows in front of audiences throughout Finland.

Alpakka Media made several minigames for the Maltti ja Valtti -concept. I was a graphic designer and animator in this project.

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Maltti ja Valtti
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