Freak Circus Racing

A mobile game for Android & iOS devices by Jumbon & Meizi Games

Get ready for some tire-shredding action!

Tune up the craziest cars, climb the steepest hills, and burn some rubber. Race off the evil circus freaks and play against your friends! This is the wackiest and most addictive physics-based racing game there is.

Hugo the human cannonball is kicked out of the Freak Circus by the speed-loving circus bosses who want to turn his dear old cannon into a mean racing vehicle. He decides to give the freaks just what they deserve and show them who’s the fastest petrolhead in town. Beware, the freaks are on the loose!

“Freak Circus Racing is the most unique 2D racer you'll ever come across.”
- Pocket Gamer

“- - racer with a big dollop of ridiculousness.”
- The Guardian

“This is the second best thing you can do with pants on!”
- Toomas Heikkinen / 2013 GRC Champion

I was a lead artist in this project, working with Finnish graphic artists Petri Loukusa, Katja Dianoff, Krista Talvipuro, and Jenna Manninen. Music and sounds was made by Olli Nikkinen.

Here are also a few articles about the game and the team:

  • IGN Nordic (Finnish)
  • Kaleva (Finnish)
  • (Finnish)

  • Released:
    Meizi Games

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